Willie Williams Talks About Next U2 Tour

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In a new interview with Live Design magazine, Willie Williams says there's already been some discussion about U2's future tour plans. And perhaps quite wisely, it sounds like no one has any intention of trying to outdo the size and scope of U2 360:

As for U2, we're already talking about the next one, and I'm excited about the ideas and the potential. It's funny, on the Zoo TV tour, people would ask, "However will you follow this?" to which I would reply, "The next one will be bigger," which, of course, it ended up being. This time around, though, I don't think that's a promise I'm going to make.

Williams' comments echo what The Edge and Adam have previously said about the next tour likely being very different from U2 360.

On a related note, Williams will also present at Live Design's Concert Master Classes -- a two-day workshop on December 3 and 4 dedicated to concert lighting and production in Los Angeles. His topic will be U2 360° Tour: Before, During, & After.

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