Vintage U2

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With over 7,000 items in our news archives, it's a safe bet you haven't read all of them! This month we finish our look at 1987.

U2's Passionate Voice, Rolling Stone

Bono: I felt like a rich man even when I had no money. I would live off my girlfriend's pocket money or the people on the street. Money has never had anything to do with how rich I feel. But it is almost vile for me to say that money doesn't mean anything to me, because it means a lot to many people. It means a lot if you don't have it.

Capturing The Real U2, The Los Angeles Times

Phil Joanu: It was almost spooky. I remember giving a cassette of (U2's) Joshua Tree album soon after it came out to a friend that I talk to all the time about movies. I said: "Go home and listen to this album, because these guys represent the kind of movies I want to be making...the content, the commitment, the energy, the point of view that is in that album."

Band On The Run, Hot Press

What's potentially most intriguing is that U2 may be arriving at their enthusiasm from a position outside the institutionalized history of American popular music. Bono somewhat delightedly says: "Most people I've met who've turned me onto the blues are jealous because I'm getting into it for the first time. And they remember the time they got into it."

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