Vintage U2

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With over 7,000 items in our news archives, it's a safe bet you haven't read all of them! This month we continue our look at 1987.

Glory Days, Spin

As the child of a mixed marriage (his father's Catholic and his mother, now dead, was Protestant), Bono would, in fact, have a wide nonsectarian appeal. This was apparently well understood by the Vatican, which recently invited him to meet the Pope. Bono said sure -- as long as there was no publicity. "But that's the whole point!" declared a confused Vatican official. "In that case," Bono replied, "he can join the queue with the rest of the punters."

Fame, Fortune and Frank Sinatra, Propaganda

Edge: "One got the feeling that the whole of Las Vegas was desperately wanting to be taken seriously, as a proper city.... They were just delighted that a band of U2's credibility would go and play there. Though actually we were there precisely for the reason that they were pretending didn't exist."

U2 Give Themselves Away, Musician

Adam: "There's a weird process which I've just begun to understand. Particularly when you get the letters from fifteen-year-olds. They ask questions as if you're the second line of defense for their heads.... They're trying to contact you to see if you can enlighten them or be responsible for them and, of course, you can't. But when you read a letter, you think, can I reply? Do I shatter this person's illusions? Do I say, I'm just a normal guy?"

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