Vintage U2

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In keeping with this month's Acthung Baby theme, we take a look at a few articles from that time.

A Little More Larry, Propaganda

There is an absence of obvious magic in the recording studio as U2 create songs for their new record, certainly not as much magic as plain hard work. What magic there is in the mundane magic of art in process. And, while it is clear that these are definitely "artists at work," it feels like a struggle, if one in which everybody is confident of a creative breakthrough every now and then.

Bringing Up Baby, Rolling Stone

If you know you're probably going to sell several million albums on the strength of your track record, should you remain consistent to that track record? Are you deceiving people by moving off in new directions? Do people value you for your consistency or your surprises? U2's state of mind going into this record was: ready for something bigger, rebelling against its own stereotypes. When you listen to the result, it all makes sense.

Shooting the Fly, Propaganda

Bono is having a whale of a time sauntering up Picadilly like he owns the city. At a souvenir stall he buys a model London bus and races out into the moving traffic to plant it under the path of a life-size moving version of the same vehicle -- about to run him down... He begins to hassle people, trying to get them to look at the headlines in the newspaper he is holding -- "Another Bum" reads the invisible think bubbles above their heads.

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