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With over 7,000 items in our news archives, it's a safe bet you haven't read all of them! This month we continue our look at 1987.

The World About Us, Hot Press

In a world where power is abused on a colossal scale and people are trampled into the dust without compunction by political and economic masters who have lost all sense of human dignity, U2 have sought and found the ultimate symbol of triumph over adversity. The Joshua Tree is about the belief that you cannot kill the human spirit.

U2 Starts National Tour On A Political Note, The New York Times 

Edge: "The songs that we play often deal with belief in something... I think people relate to that, and we get this feedback from the audience. That's what makes our shows so special. If we aren't feeling that buoyant when we go onstage, we're just taken up by the crowd and carried along."

U2: It's The Head, Heart And Feet Music, San Diego Union Tribune

Larry: "Someone once described U2 as head, heart and feet music. U2's music takes in all three of those things and people can chose the reason why they want to come and see U2... But at the end of the day, the thing that will stand about U2 is that we did take an interest in areas that maybe a lot of people would say maybe we should have stayed out of."

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