Vintage U2

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With over 6,000 items in our news archives, it's a safe bet you haven't read all of them! This month we start our look at 1987 with some more selections from Propaganda.

The Return Of Steve Lillywhite

"The great thing about U2 is the togetherness of the four people. Sometimes working with a band on their record I end up as a negotiator, as the decisive vote -- with the Rolling Stones I had to resolve certain things between certain members of the band... But even more than U2's unity as a group, I think they push themselves harder than any other group I've worked with."

Interview With Adam

"I certainly wouldn't say in any pious way that you have got to make it here [Dublin] before you can make it anywhere else, but having been through the mill and having gone abroad and been successful and so on, being accepted at home comes as a very important thing to you. The people in your home matter most to you because they're closest and you have to live with them. So being accepted here makes life a lot more fulfilling."

U2 Talk About The Joshua Tree Album

"Finishing the album is like having a black hole, or a room with blinds closed and then you go out into the light and everything dazzles you, it's so brilliant... When you start making a record you'll go into the studio for, say, ten hours, and you'll get eight hours work done, but towards the end of the project you'll be spending 20 hours in the studio and getting two hours work done." 

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