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With over 7,000 items in our news archives, it's a safe bet you haven't read all of them! This month we start our look at 1989.

Hating U2, Spin

ADAM: "When we were 16, we plugged in a guitar we couldn't play but it made a sound and we thought, 'We can go anywhere with this.' You have to hold on to your freedom. We're a big band now, but we could lose our freedom."

Bono Off the Record, Propaganda

I don't see as much of the city as I used to. When I was 17 and a hustler for U2, when I went around the city with my U2 tapes knocking on doors, handing them out and when I used to work in the centre, then I loved the city of Dublin. I used to go down and pretend I was a student at Trinity and get subsidized lunches and all that… I've a funny feeling that it's the very things I hate about Ireland that I secretly love. I probably like the hard times that they give us here.

Now What?, Rolling Stone

"People say, 'Better not release a record within two years,' " Bono says. " 'It mightn't sell so well.' But so what? We don't have to do anything we don't want to do now. That is what it is to be rich -- and in that sense, we are filthy rich. We used to have to finish albums and go on tour just to stay solvent, right up until The Joshua Tree. We don't have to do that now, so we're just gonna play where we want to play."

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