Vintage U2

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With over 7,000 items in our news archives, it's a safe bet you haven't read all of them! This month we begin our look at 1988.

Mullen It Over, Star Hits

Larry: "I'm not prepared to give up my humanity for rock and roll. I'd give up anything but that. I fight for my rights. I say no to people, do not follow me, no I will not sign my autograph now; I'm going to dinner. I'm very straightforward with people. Therefore, I get away with a bit more. Sometimes the only way you get away with it is being harsh."

U2, In Fashion magazine

Bono: "People throw too much responsibility on me and the group. There's a guy who reckons he wrote the lyrics on the new album and he wants royalties. He's a sick man. But he's armed and dangerous. You let someone put their arm round you for a photograph and then you got a paternity suit."

A Mighty Long Way Down Rock 'n' Roll, Hot Press

Adam: "We have felt that, because we've become a big band, you can actually lose touch with the one thing that makes you feel alive, which is music...because you get caught up in the whole celebrity thing, the business trip and all that stuff. And we need people around us who keep us grounded to music, and we go after those people and [Bob] Dylan is one of them."

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