Vintage U2

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With over 6,000 items in our news archives, it's a safe bet you haven't read all of them! This month we finish our look at 1986 with selections from Propaganda, a magazine from ye olde days of the fan club.

Hope on the Road

Edge: The jam sessions in Atlanta -- now they were good. We were in this hotel for three nights, and in the bar was this "cover" band. The first night everyone was a bit sheepish. I hit the sack about twelve, but later on various musicians began to hit the stage. Bono was up there, and Peter Gabriel, with Manou from his band, Joan Baez, and I think Larry and Adam.

The Enduring Chill

Bono: The biggest compliment anyone can pay U2 as performers is that they get out and do something themselves. They get out and they chip away themselves at those boulders that are in the path of progress, if you like, and they just smash them up with their own hands. I love, for instance, hearing bands come up to us after gigs and saying, "We formed a band after your concert."

Out On His Own

Edge: We want to be a little less easy to follow and predict. I think as a band we've suffered from a certain sound and because we've always been very open about our convictions in certain areas, people thought they knew U2 and could imagine what our next step would be. I think there's a great deal of anger in the group which has never previously been expressed in musical terms. I think it used to come through in performance but now it may be there in the material.

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