VIDEO: U2 Conference Interview with Unforgettable Fire – U2′s Sound Explained for Non-Musicians

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Our third and final session video from the recent U2 Conference is now available on YouTube and embedded below. This is from the "U2's Sound Explained for Non-Musicians" session where @U2's Christopher Endrinal interviewed the members of the tribute band Unforgettable Fire, and invited them to not only talk about U2's sound, but to play samples of what they spoke about. Our article recapping the session is already online, too.

WARNING: It might get loud. Actually, it did get loud. Really, really loud. So loud that the audio on this clip is really hot. There are portions of the video where you won't be able to understand exactly what the band members are saying/playing. We debated if the audio was bad enough to stop us from posting the video, but decided we'd let you choose if you wanted to listen or not. If you don't, totally understand. If you do, and you can work through the audio, we think you'll really enjoy the session -- it was great.

This is the last video clip we have from the @U2-organized mainstream sessions. We didn't videotape the "Stories for Boys & Girls" session due to the personal nature of that discussion. We did videotape the Jim Henke interview session -- the first of the conference -- but technical problems made the material completely unusuble.

With all that said, here's the video from "U2's Sound Explained for Non-Musicians" -- please be careful with the audio and enjoy!

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