U2 Teases ‘Invisible,’ Bono Says It’s Not First Single

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Also Says U2 Will Keep Working on Album for 'A Couple of Months'

Now we know for certain: "Invisible" is from U2's next album, but it's not the first single. That's the word from Bono in a new USA Today article about the band's partnership with (RED) and Bank of America to use the song in a Super Bowl commercial this Sunday. The track will be a free download around the world via iTunes from 6:00 pm ET Sunday until 11:59 pm ET Monday. And then, the article says, the song will no longer be available on iTunes.

Bono says they chose "Invisible" because "it's the first [song] we finished," and the band has a different song in mind as the first single:

"We have another song we're excited about to kick off the album. This is just sort of a sneak preview -- to remind people we exist."

But it sounds like the When? of that new album is still very much up in the air. Bono tells the paper that the band will keep working on the album "for a couple of months. We want it to come out this summer, but you don't want to let anyone down."

In a separate USA Today article, Bono shares some of the lyrics from "Invisible" and also reveals that U2 may "experiment" with new producers in the final stages of the album, though Danger Mouse will be producer on "most" of the album.

Meanwhile, to whet appetites before Sunday's song premiere, U2 shared a very brief teaser video Thursday night on YouTube that features the video's audience singing part of the song.

The line "no them, only us" also features in "Rise Above 1" from the Spider-Man soundtrack, and Bono has sung it in a couple live versions of "One" while also using it in various speeches over the years. (h/t Beth)

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