U2 Set List: Chicago, July 5, 2011

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"Here's the deal," Bono said to the packed crowd at Soldier Field in Chicago tonight. "If we screw up really badly, you don't put it on the Internet." That deal is what preceded a rare performance of "One Tree Hill," added on to the show after the traditional set ended with "Moment Of Surrender." Bono had dedicated "Moment" to Greg Carroll, his former personal assistant who died 25 years ago this week, and even sang the "One Tree Hill" coda at the end of "Moment Of Surrender." It was a great ending to a show that also included a rare performance of "Out Of Control" earlier in the set.

You can check out the full U2 360 Chicago setlist on U2tours.com, and be sure to share your photos and/or review if you were at the show.

UPDATE: Videos are already showing up on YouTube of the "One Tree Hill" performance. Here's one from @gregoriop on Twitter that begins with the end of "Moment Of Surrender" and includes Bono's deal with the crowd.

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