@U2 QOM May 2011: U2 Perform With . . .

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What musician or band would you love to see join U2 on stage, and what would they perform together?

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@U2 Question of the Month

Ralph Moyer: PRINCE!!! Always felt U2 and Prince were cut from the same cloth in many ways. There was a low-quality bootleg years back of them doing “The Cross” together, supposedly, but it was hard to hear. It will probably never happen again because Prince is more egocentric than MacPhisto, and I’ve heard Prince and Bono exchange mild jabs at one another over the years, despite the mutual respect.

John Miller:I would love to see then perform "40" or "Yahweh" with The Blind Boys of Alabama.

Thera Hagedoorn: I would love to see Eddie Vedder onstage with U2. And they should perform Pearl Jam's "Black" or "Jeremy". Would love to hear and see that!

John Crosthwaite: I think I would like U2 to join The Who on stage. U2 reference many bands when it comes to their influences, but I have heard them say many times that when they were starting out in the late ‘70s, they wanted to be The Who, but so did many fledgling bands from this period. Several songs from Quadrophenia -- "5.15," "Sea And Sand" or "I've Had Enough" -- would give them a chance to trade vocals/rhythm/lead/bass guitar parts.

Sean Horne: I'll go with my gut response here ... since he has a new album out, I would love to see Robbie Robertson join U2 for "Sweet Fire Of Love" and "Testimony".

Beth Trogdon: I would love to see U2 perform with the man Bono has called his favorite songwriter: Kris Kristofferson. As to what they would play? Any (or all?) of these would be wonderful: "Sunday Morning Coming Down" "Silver Tongued Devil And I" "Loving Her Was Easier" "Me And Bobby McGee" "Pilgrim, Chapter 33" "Burden Of Freedom" Don't want much, do I?

Elsha Stockseth: For me it would have to be The Killers/Brandon Flowers hands down. I have been a fan of The Killers and Brandon since 2005 and have been to just about the same amount of their concerts as U2 shows. They are alike in so many ways; most important to me is how nice they are in person. They both have so many great songs that it is really hard to choose which to have them play. I actually got to see Brandon sing with Bono in Vegas in 2005. They sang "In A Little While/All These Things That I’ve Done." It was AMAZING! To pick a few more songs, I would love to have them play "Mr. Brightsides," "Swallow It" "Crazy Tonight" and "Streets." That would be awesome to see them together again.

Thomas Rocha: It would be so cool to see U2 and the Waterboys, or Mike Scott, perform "Be My Enemy" off of This Is The Sea.

Graham Temby: White Lies. They are a fresh, new band from the UK. Their sound would blend well with a U2 audience and complement the whole experience. As a side note, I am well-pleased with Interpol opening for the band on some of the 2010/2011 dates. I'm glad Lenny Kravitz, The Fray and Black Eyed Peas are NOT opening for them here in Minneapolis.

J Moon: Incubus, "One."

Erin Wefel: Adele has such a cool voice. I'd like to hear U2 perform with her on a song like "Streets of New York."

Robie Sprouse: I honestly do not want to see U2 join another artist on stage. I am a little selfish and I like to see my U2 just by themselves. Heck, I don't even want a support band when I go see U2. However, I would like to see the individual members of the band play with a few artists. Here is my wish list; I know it is impractical but it would still be incredible. (Fingers crossed a time machine is invented just for this purpose)! Bono & Elvis, but it has to be Elvis post 1972. Or ... Bono & Ella Fitzgerald, just the thought of that blows me away. Edge & George Harrison. I think their guitar styles are so unique I would love to hear what they could come up with together. Adam & The Funk Brother. Can't you just hear Adam playing alongside the greatest bass player of all time, James Jamerson? Larry with Elvis, Scotty Moore & Bill Black circa 1956/7, just because I think it would make Larry's day and I always like to see Larry happy!

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