@U2 QOM March 2012: Meaning of U2′s Music

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In 10 words or less, what does U2's music mean to you, or how does it make you feel?

(Each month, @U2 puts a spotlight on U2 fans with our "Question of the Month." We pose a question to our readers and invite answers of 200 words or less. If you're interested in taking part, check our home page to see if the current question is still open. If not, check back shortly after the beginning of next month and we'll have another question ready to be answered!)


@U2 Question of the MonthBrandon Roy: It is a declaration that music still exists.

Lisa Lyons: I feel freedom, possibilities, and dreams in mid-flight.

Colleen Schutte: U2 prizes open my eyes and sings my soul home.

Alissa Ettorre: It heals me.

Geoff Wilson: Where God enters earnestly, and we invite Him to stay.

Elsha Stockseth: Two words: Miracle Drug.

Anonymous: U2's music has plucked me back from the edge of an abyss and sent me soaring...

Eric Weiss: Joy.

Els Bodifee: It makes me happy when I'm feeling sad.

Sandy Jones: U2's music gives me hope for the future of mankind.

Don Willoughby: I feel the frustration and depth of the lyrics. Where men speak their mind and bleed for it!

Maria Romnios: Uplifting timeless journey… Soulful… Meaningful mindful… Word music bliss…

Scott Terrell: I absolutely love the spiritual poetry of U2.

Glen Robertson: Grace notes and enabling sonic reminders of attainable better worlds.

Russian Paul: It is like a powerful bear biting into my ears!

Katrina Carmichael: Strengthening, magically uplifting, calming, exciting, therapeutic, amazingly incredible, fantastically awe-inspiring!

Julie Christensen: It's the music of my heart. They sing me.

(c) @U2/individual contributors above, 2012.

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