@U2 QOM August 2011: Your U2 360 Moment

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The 360 Tour is at an end. What is your favorite memory? If you didn't make a show, what is the moment you wish you'd been there for?

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@U2 Question of the MonthJen Willins: I was lucky enough to go to five shows during this concert tour. One of my favorite memories was traveling to Dublin to see them at Croke Park in July '09. Bono and the Edge sang "The Auld Triangle", then went on to explain why there was a whole section of seats that were empty. This was where blood was shed and thus the inspiration behind "Sunday Bloody Sunday". It was a very special moment for someone from Ohio. They didn't do that any other show during the tour.

I also can't forget being on the floor in Boston a few months later and just at the end of "I'll Go Crazy..." Bono knelt down and faced us and sang while he was in a sort of trance. Only to be snapped out of it with Larry's drums for the start of "Sunday Bloody Sunday". Bono stayed there for about 5-8 minutes and I have to tell you that this was the best footage we will ever get of any concert, EVER! To see him breathing heavy, rocking back and forth with his eyes closed, singing his heart out...just awesome in every way.

Sean Horne: I don't know... I've seen a lot of good stuff on this tour. I saw the last show in Vancouver and a GREAT show in Montreal where I got to see "Zooropa" and "Out of Control" live for the first time, and was happy to see "Ultraviolet" yet again (I can never get tired of that song live). I guess I would like to have seen the impromptu performance of "Bad" after "Moment of Surrender" in New Jersey (or wherever they did that). I would have also like to have seen "Return of the Stingray Guitar", but U2 always does something special for Europe or NA, or wherever they go, so "Stingray" is "their" memory and I'm happy for them. We had the Achtung opening, which was AWESOME. It was like 1992 all over again.

There is one moment that I definitely want to be there for -- if and when it happens: the release of a DVD for the last leg of the show... Montreal night #2 would be nice. There hasn't yet been a U2 DVD from a Canadian show... that would be a good one.

Tanner Morris: I had the lucky privilege of getting to see the U2 360 show twice (both times in Chicago). But I had three great memories with the tour.

  1. Getting to see opening night for the first American leg.
  2. Seeing the guys spontaneously come up with the idea to play "One Tree Hill" after "Moment of Surrender".
  3. When they came to Saint Louis (my home town), I gave up my ticket so my little brother could go see them, and at 1:00 in the morning he gave me a call to tell me how great his first concert was.

Justin Harris: I'd have to say my favorite moment of this great tour was the unveiling of new songs. A standout amongst these is "Glastonbury." Written for the show that Bono missed, it is a hard tune with some hard classic rock chops. The assumption was that it would be used at U2's follow-up tour a year later. It wasn't, due to a push to re-expose Achtung Baby-era material. But this just seemed to make the song all the more special for the times that it WAS played throughout Europe.

Christopher Dillard: I attended the show in Norman, OK. Though it was my ninth time to see U2, it was my first time in the pit/on the floor. My favorite moment was during the encores, Bono waved at my friends and me, and Adam struck a pose while my girlfriend took his picture.

Jo Sawatzky: My favorite moment from U2 360 was from my second concert this leg, which I saw with my family in Minneapolis. As everyone knows by now, the rain became torrential mid-show, only adding to the energy of the crowd--who had been on their feet from the opening notes of "Space Oddity". I will never forget Bono strutting around the stage, twirling his USA-motif umbrella and kicking up the puddles as he went. a la Gene Kelly in Singin' in the Rain. The rain also prompted him to remove his sunglasses later in the show -- for which I am extremely grateful!! We all know how rare his "shade-free" moments are these days. It was an unforgettable show, and I'm happy to say I was part of it.

Johan Runestam: One moment that caught my attention was La Plata 2 (March 30th this year) where the new version of "Even Better Than The Real Thing" premiered as the opener. Especially for someone like me who knew the 360 tour inside and out because of the internet, and obviously would've expected "Beautiful Day" to open, it would've been special to hear those opening sounds ring out, realizing that This is not "Beautiful Day". This is something else. This is going to be awesome.

Jennifer Schaefer: I think my favorite memory has to be the look on Bono's face when the blind guitarist finished "All I Want Is You", and Bono gave him a hug (in Nashville). This was an incredible ending to the show! But this was overshadowed the very next moment when the incredible look of joy on Bono's face turned into Bono giving the man his own guitar. And then... the look on the guitarist's face was priceless! The whole Nashville show was incredible, but this ending will forever stand out in my mind as a beautiful highlight.

Angela Beegle: When our boys wrapped up the Chicago show with "One Tree Hill"! It was awesome when Bono checked with "the Professor" -- The Edge -- to see if they could pull it off. Much to pleasure of the fans, it was done! It was so spontaneous -- a great ending to a fantastic show!

Robert Ryan: I saw four shows on the tour (Atlanta, Nashville, St Louis, and The Meadowlands) and my lingering memory was hearing "The Wanderer" in Nashville. My friend who was with me told me I looked flabbergasted when I realized what Bono was singing. I am a longtime U2 fan and I am happy to know they can still surprise me. What an incredible tour!

Jennifer: I went to the opening show in Barcelona in July 2009. As the crowd got ready for the band to come out, the energy in the stadium made all the hairs on my arms stand up. The crowd was cheering the football chant "ole ole ole ole ole ole" and even Bono couldn't stop us! We were alive!

Riley Steiner: During "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" in East Lansing, the crowd input was so great that Bono let us sing the first two verses and the first chorus. The song rang out throughout the whole stadium. Bono was gazing up with a big smile on his face, and afterwards on the screen he could be seen mouthing the word 'beautiful.'

Keely Burn: I have two favorite memories of the 360 Tour. The first one is of being in the stadium in Baltimore, singing the "oh's" at the end of "Pride In the Name of Love". The sound filled the air and swelled across the stadium -- it was bigger than us and took a while to die down! My second favorite memory is screaming as loud as possible when "Zooropa" began, also in Baltimore.

The one moment I wish I'd been there for was in Chicago, when they closed the set with "One Tree Hill". It's my favorite song and now I'll have to fly out to New Zealand to hear it!

Jean Scarth: I have many "favorite" memories of 360.

"Your Blue Room" for the first time ever in Chicago in 2009. Hearing the smattering of applause as the audience didn't know what to make of it, but the diehards like me loved it. Seeing two first-timers looking confused, and me telling them what just happened, and them responding with "Cool! That's AWESOME!"

The performance of "One Tree Hill" in Chicago. I can die a happy woman now!

And my FAVORITE of favorites? The fact that on July 5th in Chicago, U2 asked that Soldier Field move the GA line INSIDE to the main concourse of the stadium to wait out the day there. It was just too hot. People would have suffered if they didn't, and since my MS does NOT mix well with heat, I wouldn't have made it to showtime, and neither would the little kids in line. Class act all the way, U2!

BAM: I've seen U2 a number of times, but it was a first for my sister and niece. It was a personal warm and fuzzy moment for me to see them marvel in the sheer energy and magnificence of the show in Toronto. The multicolored lights of the CN Tower bedazzled the upper sky while U2 bedazzled us. U2 never disappoints!

Steve B: I was lucky enough to see four shows and my favorite memories are:

  • Sheffield, 20 Aug 2009: just a gorgeous summer evening in what I thought was, for U2, a smallish venue.
  • Cardiff, 22 Aug 2009: in the ring and close enough to see Bono sweating buckets...the Welsh crowd sang their hearts out.
  • Coimbra, 2 Oct 2010: Great vibe in the city during the weekend.....and "North Star", just a lovely, lovely song.
  • Coimbra, 3 Oct 2010: "Miss Sarajevo", better than the first night!

All in all, for me this tour was just so much better than the Vertigo tour. The wait to see the boys again is going to be endless!

Patricia Margiotta: Luckily I had the chance to see the 360 tour in several different countries, including three nights in Dublin. However, I must say, my best favorite memory that I will keep with me for the rest of my of my life, was the first night of 360 tour in Sao Paulo on April 09th 2011, when Brian Murphy (Bono's bodyguard) told me Bono was calling me up on the stage to read a piece of a Brazilian poem! I was like… What? And yeesss, I was on the stage with Bono!!

However, I have to say I was a little frustrated because after I read the poem, Brian asked me to leave the stage. And watching the video later, I noticed Bono was still looking for me up there.

But that's okay! At least, my dream came true and yes, it's worth to believe in something! I always believed I would be on the stage with Bono and it happened.

Laura Cas: I saw eight U2 360 shows, with fabulous experiences in Dublin July 24, 2009 and Zurich September 11, 2010, but my favorite memory is dancing with Bono in Salt Lake City May 24, 2010.

It was near the end of "I'll Go Crazy..." and these girls in front of me, who were standing by the rail in front of the walkway, had a sign that read "4 Sisters Luv U2." Bono came over to read the sign. As soon as he got there, I started dancing. Then he started dancing, mimicking exactly the way I was dancing. When the song ended, he said "And we're dancing." As he walked away he said something like "In some places you can be jailed for dancing. And in some places you should be... like Ireland." Great fun, dancing with my favorite singer and activist.

Elsa Stockseth: I have a few favorite moments of this tour. Here are few in no particular order:

  1. Meeting Bono and Edge in Denver, and Bono taking my Africa Book.
  2. Talking with Sam and Dallas in Denver and even getting a Bono guitar pick from Dallas.
  3. Meeting Bono in Salt Lake City and then having them let me out of the fence to get a picture.
  4. Getting a kiss on the cheek from Bono after the picture in Salt Lake City.
  5. Meeting Edge again and especially Adam in Salt Lake City.
  6. Talking with Sam and Brian for 20 minutes each in Salt Lake City. Also getting pictures with them.
  7. Bono singing "All I Want is You" "for a little girl and her mother" (mom and I) in Denver.
  8. Having Adam and Bono give my mom a hug in Salt Lake City and then my mom kissing Bono on the cheek.
  9. Meeting with the rest of my U2 friends (more like family) and hanging out with them for several days.

With all that and so much more, this year has been PRICELESS!!!

Erin Wefel: I wish I was at the Oakland show. Larry sings. Need I say more?

I did get to see the 360 tour in a different city. I loved it! My favorite memory was U2 passing me as they go up on stage :).

Bob Vandiver: This is not exactly about the tour itself but it is something that occurred during the tour, in October of 2010.

My wife and I traveled to France to celebrate our 20th anniversary, and I previously brought a book to read on this trip: Walk On: The Spiritual Journey of U2. I had picked it up as an impulse. Also, I had impulsively picked up my first U2 album in several years, "No Line On The Horizon". I soon found I could not put the book down, and I played NLOTH a lot. Whenever I now hear the "Unknown Caller" Oh... Oh... chorus, I think of French trees whizzing past as I watched them on French trains.

I soon became obsessed with "Unknown Caller" in particular and thought about its lyrics often. I soon realized that the song is about much more than a specific message to a particular junkie. Essentially it could be interpreted to mean, "Get off your butt and do something."

That song has motivated me like no other to fight the good fight. Not just pitch a few bucks into the mail, but do acts. I recently donated a fair amount to the African famine campaign and I joked with my wife that my Unknown Caller demanded this.

Thank you Bono, thank you God.

Els Bodifee: Here's my favourite memory of the 360 tour. It was after the first Auckland (New Zealand) show on 25 November last year. My friend Fiona and I went for a drink to wind down because we were too excited to go back to our hotel! Without knowing we ended up in the bar of the Hotel Fabulous. We were just sipping our wines when the subjects of aforementioned show entered the bar as well!

"Well hello, Fiona and Els, funny seeing you here!" said Bono. "We didn't see you anywhere during the show".

"That was probably because we were way up", we replied. Anyway, the lads ordered a drink as well and we chatted for a while, making fun of Bono forgetting his lyrics again, Adam showing off photos of his new family, Larry talking about his latest movie and teasing Edge about his upcoming 50th birthday next year and how many more hairs he would lose before then!

A good time was had by everybody!

Just when we decided to have another drink….I woke up :).

Michelle Llewellyn: I was so touched at the very end of the Salt Lake City show, as the crowd was screaming their approval over the final encore, savoring the moment, never wanting the night to end, Bono stepped over to the mic for one last comment: "Thank you." He grinned at us. Actually, I could almost swear he was looking right at me: "You're good people."

Hey, Bono, good people love U2!

Thanks for another incredible show, guys!

(c) @U2/individual contributors above, 2011.

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