@U2 in 2011: Top News Articles, Song Lyrics & More

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2011 was an eventful year here at @U2 HQ. We added close to 20 new staff members (almost doubling our team's size), celebrated the anniversaries of U2's October and Achtung Baby albums, hosted a special event in Pittsburgh with Neil McCormick, created a new "Like A Video" essay series, launched an Android app (to go along with our existing iPhone app), opened an @U2 swag store on Cafepress ... and did all of this while also covering the you-know-what out of the final leg of the U2 360 tour.

We also went about our regular work of covering the daily news that U2 fans care most about, writing original commentaries, reviews and essays here on the main site, writing on our blog, and participating in great conversations in our forum. And let's not forget keeping active on our Twitter account, our Facebook page, YouTube and Flickr.

Whew. Kinda busy.

Before we dive into doing it again (aside from the tour part, we think) in 2012, let's look back at our most popular stories, blog posts, lyric pages and more from 2011. It was a great year: We had more than 7.3 million pageviews, 4.2 million visits and 1.4 million unique users over the course of the year.

Most Popular "Sections" on @U2

"Sections" are the main links that show up in the navigation menu above this article, as well as other prominent content areas linked elsewhere on the site.

5. Photos (71,000+ pageviews)

4. Band (219,000+ pageviews)

3. New Album (236,000+ pageviews)

2. Lyrics (1,102,000+ pageviews)

1. News (1,969,000+ pageviews)

Those numbers are all very similar to 2010, with the exception of the Band section, which saw about 15,000 more pageviews in 2011 than the previous year.

Most Popular U2 Band Member Bios

We have bios of each band member on the site, as well as a main band bio. Here's how the four band member bios ranked in 2011.

4. Adam Clayton biography (17,099 pageviews)

3. Larry Mullen biography (19,266 pageviews)

2. The Edge biography (30,155 pageviews)

1. Bono biography (122,499 pageviews)

Most Popular @U2 News Articles of 2011

Here's a look at the most popular news articles posted on the site last year.

10. 8 New Things on the U2 360 Tour 2011 (10,513 pageviews)

9. Agony for U2's Adam as he bids farewell to mum (10,863 pageviews)

8. 50 Things to Love About Larry Mullen Jr. on His 50th Birthday (11,876 pageviews)

7. U2 Lists: Top 9 U2 Wedding Songs (12,262 pageviews)

6. U2 Set List: Glastonbury, June 24, 2011 (13,787 pageviews)

5. U2 Lists: Top 10 Love Songs (14,394 pageviews)

4. Achtung Baby Anniversary Edition: What It Has and What It's Missing (15,189 pageviews)

3. How to Watch U2 at Glastonbury (19,056 pageviews)

2. 50 Things to Love About The Edge on His 50th Birthday (28,420 pageviews)

1. U2 Announces 2011 Opening Acts (38,006 pageviews)

Want to know something that thrills me? Nine of the ten articles listed above are @U2 original articles. We made a concerted effort in 2011 to write more of our own news and post the news from other sources less, and we're continuing that effort permanently in the future. I'm thrilled to see that our original material was so widely read. Thanks!

Most Popular @U2 Blog Posts of 2011

Here are the most widely-read posts last year on our blog, which generally gets far less traffic than our main website (but gives us a chance to share a lot of unique, fun and not-necessarily-newsworthy stuff with our readers).

5. 50 Best Bono Quotes (4,806 pageviews)

4. Where Are The Live Songs On U22 From? (5,138 pageviews)

3. I Know That This Is Not Goodbye, U2 (5,534 pageviews)

2. PHOTO: Bono’s New Fender “Goal Is Soul” Guitar (6,329 pageviews)

1. U2.com’s Sweet 360 FanCam (10,553 pageviews)

Most Popular U2 Song Lyrics of 2011

As you saw above, the U2 Lyrics section is one of the most popular on our website. Our lyric master, Ian Ryan, does a marvelous job keeping that section updated and as accurate as his ears (and yours when you share suggestions) can make them. Here are the most popular lyrics pages from 2011.

Top 5 U2 Song Lyrics

5. One (9,441 pageviews)

4. With or Without You (10,433 pageviews)

3. Beautiful Day (11,402 pageviews)

2. I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight (11,444 pageviews)

1. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (11,594 pageviews)

Top 5 U2 Album Lyrics

5. The Unforgettable Fire (9,189 pageviews)

4. All That You Can't Leave Behind (7,407 pageviews)

3. The Joshua Tree (10,428 pageviews)

2. No Line On The Horizon (11,562 pageviews)

1. Achtung Baby (17,346 pageviews)

So there you have it! That's a look at our most popular content of 2011.

Wait! What about our forum, you may be wondering? Well, we had an unfortunate mistake (by some guy whose initials are M.M.) that led us to lose a month's worth of analytics data in the forum, so anything we'd post here wouldn't be accurate. Sorry about that. As a backup, you can see the forum stats center that has some numbers at the bottom about how many new members, topics, posts, etc., there were in 2011.

On behalf of the entire @U2 crew, thank you all for reading, visiting, following and liking us in 2011. We hope you'll stay with us in 2012 and beyond!

© @U2, 2012.

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