The Unforgettable Fire Album Review

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  1. A Sort of Homecoming (5:28)
  2. Pride (In the Name of Love) (3:48)
  3. Wire (4:19)
  4. The Unforgettable Fire (4:55)
  5. Promenade (2:35)
  6. 4th of July (2:12)
  7. Bad (6:09)
  8. Indian Summer Sky (4:17)
  9. Elvis Presley and America (6:23)
  10. MLK (2:31)

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Who would have thought that U2, after the success of War, would have been able to produce an album like The Unforgettable Fire? Such was the success of War, many would have been happy for them to continue the same sound they created in their breakthrough album. However, being U2- constantly pushing the barriers and experimenting, they created a new sort of sound that is truly breathtaking to listen to. The Unforgettable Fire is quite simply a masterpiece, once again redefining the band as a whole. The album is a gorgeously picturesque-sounding with great tones and beautifully layered with ambient textures. Lyrics of hope and love are epically epitomised in this ‘atmospheric’ sounding album

There are many highlights on this album- the opening track is one of them. The complex- layered ‘A sort of homecoming’ is a song that will grow on you with every listen. While ‘Pride(In the Name of Love)’ was a big hit for U2, it is not one of the stronger tracks. The title track is driven by Edge’s trademark ringing guitar and soaring lyrics, and is a wonderful song. The album contains two songs of equally epical proportion. The colossal ‘Bad’ takes a while to build- up, but it’s worth it, a truly mesmerising song.

By comparison, the beautifully nostalgic ‘Elvis Presley and America’, using the altered backing track of ‘A sort of homecoming’ and improvised lyrics is probably one U2’s most underrated songs. The energetically frenetic ‘Wire’, reminds us of the energy that was so prevalent in War and Boy- likewise is ‘Indian Summer Sky’ which has become a personal favourite of mine on this album. Even weaker tracks like ‘Promenade’ manage to fit in comfortably with general ‘feel’ and sound of the album.

The Unforgettable Fire, is easily U2’s best album up to this point and it is not hard to see why. With the help of Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois, The Unforgettable Fire is a wonderfully produced album. It still has the energy of War, redirecting this energy into artistic expression, that is not just unique and complex, but sounds truly majestic. The Unforgettable Fire broke new ground, not only for the band, but reinstated U2 as the greatest band of the time. 9/10

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