Boy Album Review

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  1. I Will Follow (3:36)
  2. Twilight (4:22)
  3. An Cat Dubh (6:21)
  4. Into the Heart (1:53)
  5. Out of Control (4:13)
  6. Stories for Boys (3:02)
  7. The Ocean (1:34)
  8. A Day Without Me (3:14)
  9. Another Time, Another Place (4:34)
  10. The Electric Co. (4:48)
  11. Shadows and Tall Trees (4:36)

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Even from their debut album, U2 sounded grandiose- aspiring to achieve greatness despite their relatively young age. The potential was clearly there- the youthful enthusiasm that reigned supreme coupled by a sound that was bigger than any of their rivals at the time. Bono’s howling vocals, coupled with energetic drumming and guitar-playing that was teetering on the, well.. Edge. The opening track ‘I Will Follow’ is full of energy that is well suited to stadium-style rock. Such the grandeur of the song, it remains a trademark U2 song.

There are many highlights on this album including the post-punk influenced, ‘Out of Control’. The second track ‘An Cat Dubh’ is a very intriguing song, featuring Bono doing a vocal gymnastics course in both the high and low range, and ringing guitar-playing. The album’s other great track is ‘Electric Co.’ The song musically is great and is driven by lively guitar- playing. However, like most of the lyrics on Boy, they lack any real focus or substance and seem abstract. Bono had yet to develop his complex and deep songwriting skills, something that would become prominent in later albums. Nevertheless, everything else seemed set in place that suggested improvement was imminent.

Boy clearly showcases the great potential U2 had at the time. Their growing reputation as a great live band would always suggest that they were going to make great music. But what set them apart from their post- punk peers was their willingness to experiment with their music at such an early stage- ‘An Cat Dubh’ is a great example of this. While this album is definitely raw, it is quite enjoyable to listen to. 7.5/10

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