The Edge Contributing to WholeWorldBand Project

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If you've ever wanted to perform with The Edge, you may have a chance to do that pretty soon -- at least in the virtual sense. According to Hot Press, Edge is one of several artists contributing a performance to a new music app called WholeWorldBand. And, if I'm reading this correctly, musicians like you can also contribute to WholeWorldBand and then combine your performances with The Edge's ... or any others.

Musicians and music fans from all over the world will be able to contribute and combine a selection of video performances, including their own, from the WholeWorldBand library to create their own favourite band line-up.  And they will also have the opportunity to earn money from their performance.

It's going to be previewed next month at The Music Show in Dublin, and then the app will be available in March. One of the people behind WholeWorldApp is Kevin Godley, former musician who has also directed several U2 videos including "Numb," "Sweetest Thing" and others.

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