Q’s Ahk-toong Bay-bi for sale on iTunes Music Store

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Download Ahk-toong Bay-bi Free here

If you live in North America, chances are that you missed out on picking up a copy of (Ahk-toong Bay-bi) Covered, the Achtung Baby covers CD that was bundled with the December issue of Q magazine. If you found the magazine, it probably didn't have the CD attached -- various stores told U2 fans that this was due to copyright restrictions.

Not to worry, you can now get the album digitally for about the same price as the imported Q magazine would've cost. It's just become available via the iTunes Music Store:

(Ǎhk-to͝ong Bāy-Bi) Covered - Various Artists

The album has a variety of artists (Nine Inch Nails, Snow Patrol, The Killers, Gavin Friday, etc.) covering Achtung Baby from start to finish. All proceeds from the digital album sales will go to Concern Worldwide, a Dublin-based charity that works with the world's poor. (Thx to Brian for the tip.)

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