Poll Results: ‘Ultraviolet’ is Favorite Song from Achtung Baby

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As part of our celebration of Achtung Baby's 20th anniversary in November, we asked a couple poll questions on our home page about that album -- the first of which invited our readers to choose a favorite song from Achtung Baby. A whopping 5,255 votes were cast, making this our most popular poll question since the summer of 2010.

And you may be surprised by the results: "Ultraviolet (Light My Way)" was a very clear choice as the favorite song from Achtung Baby. That track picked up almost 23% of the votes, far ahead of "Until The End Of The World" (2nd place) and "One" (3rd place).

Here are the full results from this poll question. We'll share results from the other Achtung Baby poll question in the near future.


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