Poll Results: Two-Thirds of U2.com Members Renewing This Year

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A little more than two-thirds of U2.com members who answered a recent poll question here on @U2 said they already have renewed, or are planning to renew their U2.com membership in 2012.

Our question ran on the home page from mid-February to mid-March, when a lot of fans were busy discussing the songs that are included on the upcoming members-only CD, U22.

A total of 2,312 fans answered our poll question. Almost 30 percent of that group indicated that they're not U2.com members. Of the remaining 1,631 fans, 1,099 fans -- or 67.4 percent -- said "yes," they plan to renew this year, or they already did. With no U2 tour this year and no ticket presales to encourage renewals, 67 percent sounds like a really solid number and an indication that a lot of U2.com members are happy with U22.

We have a new/recent poll question on the home page: Is your spouse/partner/boy-girlfriend a U2 fan, too? Cast your vote now if you haven't already!


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