Poll Results: Almost 75% of U2 fans would want to see Spider-Man on Broadway

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Almost 75% of U2 fans who responded to a recent poll question here on @U2 said they would probably want to see Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark if given the chance. We ran the poll question earlier this summer, after Spider-Man premiered in June. In response to the question, "If you're in New York, would you want to see Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark?," 74% of the 3,604 total votes said either "Yes" or "Probably." The rest answered "No" or "Probably not."


We've just posted a new poll question asking which version of the Achtung Baby anniversary re-issue you plan to buy. You can vote on that poll over in the right-side column of our home page. We'll be posting the results from our polls more often here in the Bits & Bytes section of our home page, so be sure to vote and have your voice heard.

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