Paul McGuinness Reacts to Mark Fisher’s Death

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U2 manager Paul McGuinness has joined with countless others (including The Edge) in singing the praises of Mark Fisher. Fisher died earlier this week at 66 after a lengthy illness. He had served as U2's stage architect since the Zoo TV tour, overseeing the creation of the ideas that U2 and Willie Williams dreamed up.

McGuinness wrote a somewhat lengthy remember for Billboard. Here's a portion:

Mark was really a genius, that was the key to it. He was an architect with an extraordinary imagination. Some rock 'n roll production people are very set in their ways, the band or the artist comes to them with an idea, 'How can you execute it?' Some [set designers], I'm afraid, say, 'Oh, you can't do that, that's never been done before.' But Mark was never like that. He turned everyone's wild ideas into steel and lumber and canvas reality. He built extraordinary things for us.

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