New INXS Demo…Featuring Bono?

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The switchboard lit up like a Christmas tree at @U2 HQ today when word of a new INXS demo hit the Internet. Yes, INXS.

Remember—U2 and INXS have been friends for decades, and Bono was particularly close to their original lead singer, the late Michael Hutchence.

So after a much-anticipated new song, "Tiny Summer," began streaming on their official website in response to fans hungry for fresh music, we began getting emails and tweets about the sound of the lead singer's voice on this particular track. It sounded very familiar. It sounded like Bono.

Then, we saw the somewhat tongue-in-cheek note that Andrew Farriss posted, and it all made a little more sense. He explains why it took so long for him to write new material (he needed the magic to happen) and details the genesis of this track:

"Recently at a party, I met a fellow songwriter by accident, an Irish bloke, and we sat around playing songs on acoustic guitars. Despite his funny accent, we then spent a few days songwriting and singing together… song magic was in the room again.”

One can only assume the "Irish bloke" he's referring to is indeed Bono.

If you haven't already had a listen, make your way over to their site while it's still up. It's a hauntingly beautiful, acoustic number.

And the singer sounds fantastic.

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One Response to New INXS Demo…Featuring Bono?

  1. Custom avatar Pedro Queirós says:

    Being a fan of INXS for over 20 years made me one of the first to listen to the track, with lots of excitment over a new song and perharps a new singer for my fav band. As it sounds a bit like Bono, i am now sure it’s not him and even point a number of reasons to not being him. First of all, Andrew Farriss said he MET an irish songwritter, and like you posted before INXS and U2 were no strangers. In second place, INXS are to be starting a new tour, supporting a new album with this misterious new singer, would be silly to think that Bono would have the time for that being in a huge band like U2, I would accept that he would participate in a tribute album but that’s all. To mee it sounds closer to Ian McCullough from Echo and the Bunnymen or even Rea Garvey from Reamonn.

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