New Discovery: Two Dozen+ U2 Concerts from 1978-1980

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If you're a fan of U2's touring history, you'll really love this: Over on our sister site,, we've just added more than two dozen new U2 concerts to the database of all known U2 shows. The new shows include an early performance by The Hype in March, 1978 and continue through the summer of 1980. Remarkably, there's even a new concert that we've discovered from the U2-3 tour -- U2's first tour outside Ireland in December 1979.

We've also updated 11 other shows with new information like what songs were played or where the concert took place. There are several scans showing the evidence of these new discoveries, too. Check it out here:

26 New Concerts Added to Database

This is the third time this year that our amazing staffers have uncovered a slew of previously unknown U2 concerts. They're doing it by scanning old newspapers and magazines and digging deep into any and every online source possible. So far, we've added 62 new concerts to this year, and there are more discoveries on the way.

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