McGuinness Slams Google at MIDEM

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This one's sure to spread like wildfire on the web in the coming days, so we'll report it here briefly even though it's not directly U2-related. The band's manager, Paul McGuinness, spoke at the MIDEM music industry conference in Cannes today and the topic was, as it's been in past year, online piracy and the role of tech companies in piracy. McGuinness slammed Google for drumming up opposition to two recent anti-piracy bills in the U.S. Congress, and for not doing enough to clean up its search results:

"It amazes me that Google has not done the right thing. The experience of people when they go on Google and look for U2 music or PJ Harvey music is a shopping list of illegal opportunities to get their music. They have done nothing meaningful to discourage that."

If you want to learn more about what McGuinness is talking about and what he said at MIDEM, here are a few news links that should help:

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Music Week: MIDEM: U2 manager slams Google's anti-SOPA actions and piracy search listings

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