Live Online: Killing Bono film reception with Neil McCormick

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With tickets selling out more than a week ago for our special event with Neil McCormick on Monday night, we've had to turn away a lot of friends and readers asking to be let in without a ticket. We can't do that, but we can try this:

We're planning to live stream our conversation with Neil McCormick for fans all over the world to tune in online!

Keep your fingers crossed that the technology and network stuff all come together and the live stream happens without a hitch. The good (and smart) folks at the Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center tell us that everything's ready to go, so here's what to expect:

1.) The movie, Killing Bono, should run from about 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm ET. (This will not be live streamed.) After that, everyone will move from the LPPAC theater to the reception space for our event.

2.) Once we get everyone where they need to be and all the cameras/microphones in place, we'll turn on the live stream and begin our conversation with Neil McCormick. This might be at about 10:00 pm ET, but could happen earlier or later. To be safe, I'd suggest tuning in at 9:30 pm ET and being prepared to wait.

3.) We'll be using @U2's Ustream Channel, so click that link and you should be able to see and hear when we begin. If all goes well, the chat should run for about an hour or so, maybe a little more, maybe a little less.

4.) If we're unable to livestream for some reason, we will do our best to announce that as soon as possible via @U2's Twitter account. So keep an eye there if you're not seeing the event when you think you should be.

That's all! We're looking forward to seeing a lot of you in person tomorrow night, and we hope the rest of you tune in to watch online!

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