June Forum Recap

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June was a very busy month in the forum, with talk surrounding the Glastonbury performance being the largest driver of conversation for our members. The band largely received positive reviews there from those who caught the performance, but certainly not everyone posting was in agreement. While one thread started off on the premise that the set was absolutely awesome, you can find others that took the opposing point of view. If you look hard enough, virtually every aspect of this show was analyzed and compared to other artists who stepped on stage at the world's greatest music festival.

Another topic that found some footing in June was that Bono has mentioned a few times during this tour that they are considering playing some B-sides on the next tour. With the diehards on the forum always looking for rarities in the band's set lists, this has more than a few contemplating what songs just might make the cut.

Speaking of set lists, the amazing popularity of the Internet has made it possible to know what the band is playing moments after The Edge straps on a guitar for the next song they are doing. Has our ability to track the band and what they play made us harder to please, those of us who follow the set lists knowing exactly what they are playing? It's a valid question and that discussion is one that may be more complicated than it appears on the surface.

Please feel free to stop by and visit these discussions or any others that may interest you. All opinions are welcome on the board and we merely ask that you welcome all opinions as well if you join us. We'd love to hear what's on your mind.

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