Has The Daily Show Finally Landed Bono as a Guest?

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Maybe use pencil for now, but mark your calendar for next Wednesday, November 30 -- that's the date when, according to one website, Bono will be a guest on Comedy Central's The Daily Show. The info comes from Late Night Lineups, an unofficial site that tracks and lists guests appearing on a variety of nighttime TV shows. The official Daily Show website hasn't posted next week's lineup yet, but the lineup for this week's shows are the same both the official site and Late Night Lineups.

As far as we know, The Daily Show has been wanting to get Bono as a guest before -- at least as far as back as 2006, when host Jon Stewart said Bono had declined the show's invitation. That hasn't stopped Stewart and crew from bringing Bono into the show in other ways, often with hysterical results.



We'll update this article if/when we get confirmation about Bono's possible appearance next week. (Thx Kristine for the tip.)

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