From the Sky Down Q&A: Relevance, Ribbing and Revelations

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Bono, Edge and director Davis Guggenheim answered questions for 45 minutes today at the Tornoto International Film Festival. Bono shared that the audience will be surprised to find out "that we were so inept, and these days we're a better band. We've learnt our craft, and therein lies a huge danger, which is there's a giant chasm between the very good and the great. And U2 right now has a danger of surrendering to the very good. In those times 20 years ago and indeed before that, we were crap and great. There wasn't much very good and I think that it just reminded just how crap we were and I found it really awful and yet it was a self-imposed crapness like we were doing...we were trying to make music that we didn't understand and the band seems to do its best work when it's in that environment and when it gets comfortable, it's not as interesting."

Guggenheim shared that the challenge he had as a filmmaker was getting past the audience knowledge of the subject matter so they could get to the feeling of the characters (the band members) before they experienced them. He said it was intentional that the first person on screen was Brian Eno and that it was 20 minutes into the film.

Closing the session, Bono said that they are very much on the verge of irrelevance once again. He said quite solemly that they've proven they can play the big gigs in the big spaces, but how U2 can get back into the clubs and the radio again - the small spaces - will make or break the band: "We have to go back to that place again if we are to survive."

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