FINAL CALL: 2012 U2 Fan Survey Closing Tonight

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You've got a couple hours to take the 2012 U2 Fan Survey and make sure your voice is heard as fans all around the world choose things like their favorite songs, tour, band member and so much more.

The survey will be closing tonight (Monday, April 30th).

The survey has been open since April 5th, and so far more than 3,000 fans from 70+ countries have completed it. If you haven't taken the survey yet, it's available now at Before you get started, some things to know:

  • The survey may take a while, and you can't save your progress. So don't start until you know you have time to finish. It takes most people about 25 minutes.
  • Please only take the survey once.
  • There are no questions about @U2; this is a general survey for all U2 fans, not just for @U2 readers.
  • You don't need to provide your name or email address. It's completely anonymous.

Good luck with it! We invite you to tell all your U2 friends and invite them to take the survey, too. We'll post the results sometime in May.

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