Confirmed: Full Track List for Achtung Baby Anniversary Release

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With its release less than a month away, U2/Universal Music have posted the full and complete track lists for the various anniversary versions of Achtung Baby to be released on October 31/November 1.

Perhaps the biggest news of all is that there's finally confirmation that Achtung Baby has been remastered, and the remastered CD will be part of the Deluxe 2CD set, the Super Deluxe set and the Uber Deluxe set. Based strictly on the wording of today's announcement, the standard single CD, the vinyl set and the Zooropa CD that's included in the Super and Uber box sets are not remastered.

Also of note is that track lists are included for the DVDs that come with the Super and Uber box sets. A DVD of U2's music videos will include "performance only" and "text only" versions of "The Fly" video, along with live videos of "Until The End Of The World," "The Fly" and "Even Better Than The Real Thing" -- the last two from the Stop Sellafield concert. Also interesting is the track list for the "baby" version of Achtung Baby, which will include a version of "Love Is Blindness" that's almost three minutes longer than the original and a version of "Zoo Station" almost one minute longer than the original.

See the full track list on, which also includes photos of each version of the Achtung Baby anniversary release.

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