Confirmed: From The Sky Down coming to DVD/Blu-ray

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As we (and others) have reported already, From The Sky Down is getting its own DVD and Blu-Ray release in the next couple months. The documentary about the making of Achtung Baby has already appeared on a variety of TV and cable stations, and was also included as bonus material in the Super Deluxe and Uber Deluxe versions of the 20th anniversary Achtung Baby re-release.

Now is confirming the separate DVD and Blu-ray releases for December 12th, with the U.S. release set for January 24th. Amazon UK already has listings for a regular DVD release and a Blu-ray version. Likewise, also has separate listings for the regular DVD and the Blu-ray version. The DVD will have bonus material that includes U2 performing "So Cruel," "Love Is Blindness" and "The Fly" in Hansa Studios earlier this year, along with some of the Q&A that Bono, The Edge and director David Guggenheim did at the Toronto International Film Festival in September.

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