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off the record, from @U2

Paul Oakenfold is a name familiar to many U2 fans. He has been remixing U2 since the early '90s. He also toured with U2 during the Zoo TV tour and would spin tracks before the concert. Back in early 2009 he started producing a weekly podcast titled The Perfecto Podcast, which was retitled in 2010 to become the Planet Perfecto podcast. Each week he features a mix of current songs and older tracks, which can be found on the Internet, as well as broadcast on some radio stations.

His first podcast of 2012, episode 62, featured a relatively new mix of "Where The Streets Have No Name," called the "Joyriders Mash Up." It is the 13th track found in the podcast, or you can find the individual track on Soundcloud.  For those who enjoy remixes, it's worth a listen. For those who don't enjoy remixes, don't worry, this isn't a case of a new U2 single to go out and buy. This remix has not been officially released by the band. It's a third-party remix of the track, and even though Oakenfold has been playing it, that doesn't mean it has been released by the band.

Oakenfold's podcasts have been a source of non-official mixes for some time now. Episode 7 of the Planet Perfecto podcast featured the "Mat Zo Remix" of "Beautiful Day." There is no U2 included in other episodes of Planet Perfecto. Episode 48 of The Perfecto Podcast featured "I'll Go Crazy (Christopher Lawrence Club Bootleg)"; episode 88 featured "Magnificent (Club Mix)"; and episode 29 featured "With Or Without You (Mash-Up)." "Magnificent (Adam White Remix)" was featured on nine podcasts in 2009 (episodes 11, 14-15, 19-21, 24-25 and 27). None of these mixes has been officially released through U2's label, but that's not stopping them from being played in the clubs, and in some cases on the radio.

Thanks to Mary C. for reminding me about the podcasts again. Sometimes I enjoy a good remix to bring out new aspects of a song.

Once again, those tending to the Über Edition Achtung Baby site have updated the content. You will now see they have made available the Director's version of From The Sky Down. The version of From The Sky Down included with the Uber Edition was an edited form of the documentary, and several scenes were missing. A full version of From The Sky Down, titled the "Director's Cut," was released in December in most areas and will be released Jan. 24 in the U.S. Now those who have purchased the Über box set with the edited version can watch the entire movie as the director intended. They have not included a download link, unfortunately, so be prepared to watch it from the website in a relatively low quality.

I love that there are continued updates to this site that you could access when purchasing the Über Edition of Achtung Baby. However, I do wish they would include a place to register an email address so you can be notified when the site is updated. Thank you, Mike, for pointing out to me that this video was now included; otherwise I might never have noticed.

I spent a good chunk of December and January packing up one apartment and moving to another. Every time I move I question why I feel the need to collect U2 media. Does anyone really need 17 copies of The Joshua Tree in various formats? How do you fit all this into boxes? Who is carrying all that back-breaking vinyl?

The answer to the last question? Me. Even though I hired professional movers, and had friends helping me at other times, the collector in me would not allow anyone else to move my U2 collection. I packed it with care. I labeled it so I knew what was where. Honestly, I took more care packing my collection than many other things that were probably more fragile. I waited until there was a day no one else was around to help me move so I didn't have to explain to anyone why they weren't allowed to touch those particular boxes.

I know some of you are now nodding your heads and saying, "I know the feeling."

I should rip all the CDs, scan the covers and get rid of the physical media, but instead I seem to just find reasons to buy more. A recent trip to the U.K. and I came back with yet another copy of Rattle And Hum because the artwork was a little different; in this case it has the little "Island Rainbow" on the spine that the Canadian editions never did. Friends are slowly learning when they get rid of their own media, I'm usually more than happy to take anything U2 related off their hands.

Over the years I've managed to walk away from collecting other things and to sell off other collected goods, but somehow the U2 collection always escapes being dismantled. We will see what the next move brings. As I said, this time I'm not doing that much carrying again.

Looks like there was a formal single released for "Rise Above 1" from the Spider-Man musical featuring Reeve Carney with Bono and The Edge. The website of the musical is selling an actual single, with artwork similar to that which came with the song when purchased on iTunes. The accompanying photo shows the single packaged in a jewel case. The promotional CD that was released in the fall did not include artwork.

I got excited to see an actual physical single. (You know, so I'll have more to move the next time!) That excitement quickly fled when I looked into buying a copy and having it shipped to Canada. Five dollars to buy the single is reasonable, but I didn't like the $$27 for shipping. Shipping that is five times the price of the CD? Unless it's arriving the next day (it's not), I'm not interested.

For those wondering, I am told the CD single has only the title track.

Finally, all this investigation into unofficial remixes got me listening to one of my favorites. In 1997 a group called Jeep Grrlz was signed to Island after their unofficial mix of "Wire" was getting a lot of club play. Island initially investigated legal action, but signed the band instead and released the song as a promotional single.

© @U2, 2012.

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