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off the record, from @U2

Confession: Part of me is actually glad the U2 360 tour is over. Don't stone me or anything, please. It's just that covering a tour is a lot of work, especially when you've expanded your staff by 15-20 people while the tour was in progress. (I like to think of that as our Zooropa decision.)

But that's just a part of me, so put the sticks and stones down, please. :-) We had a great time covering the tour over two-plus years and saw plenty of unforgettable moments. Some of the @U2ers wrote about that in our recent article, My U2 360 Moment - worth the read if you missed it the first time. My U2 360 moment isn't included, mainly because there are no words to describe it ... at least none that I'd consider fit for printing on a family-friendly website. But it was unforgettable to say the least.

So now we're in a bit of a slow news period. And that's made even worse by

  • the fact that Chaz Bono is going to compete in Dancing With The Stars, and
  • the fact that there's all kinds of controversy about his appearance on the show.

I couldn't care less about that show or his appearance on it, but I do care that my news alert emails are completely off the hook since that announcement was made! Like, they're borderline useless at this point because rather than getting any news about the real Bono, there are 5-10 emails per days with all kind of Chaz Bono links.


News will pick up this week to some degree when U2 (reportedly) shows up in Toronto for the Toronto International Film Festival, where the Davis Guggenheim documentary From The Sky Down will premiere.

That happens on Thursday, and there will also apparently be some kind of news conference associated with the film. That may or may not involved some/all of U2 -- don't know yet. Also don't know exactly when the news conference will happen.

We're expecting to have a reporter on-scene Thursday and Friday so keep an eye on our home page and our Twitter account for any news we hear.

It looks like there's some kind of U2/Achtung Baby tribute or covers album coming out. Just a couple hours ago, Slicing Up Eyeballs wrote about both Depeche Mode and Glasvegas mentioning their involvement in recording covers of U2 songs.

During a chat on Twitter about it, suggested that it's some kind of promotional freebie, possibly to be given away with one of the music magazines. So, it sounds like we can expect a bunch of press coverage and features surrounding the Achtung Baby re-issue as it approaches.

And finally ... you may recall an old blog post I did introducing you to Arne de Knegt, a U2 roadie who also happens to be quite a good photographer. He emailed shortly after the tour ended in Moncton to share a link to his website, where he'd uploaded some new photos from the U2 show in Moncton, as well as shots the tour crew setting up at East Rutherford.

You'll find both sets on his photography page -- click on "U2 Live" and "U2 Roadies."

(c) @U2, 2011.

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