Bono World Tour 2011: A Recap

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If it seemed like Bono was everywhere over the past couple days, well ... he pretty much was. His "world tour" had nothing to do with U2, but was instead all about events surrounding Thursday's World AIDS Day. Here's a look at where he's been lately:

On Tuesday, Bono attended the premiere of Alicia Keys' new documentary about her work in Africa, Keep A Child Alive with Alicia Keys. You can see some photos on Zimbio.

On Wednesday, Bono made his first appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. The short interview had some funny moments about Bono's back surgery and also covered a bit about World AIDS Day news. Here's the Comedy Central clip:



On Thursday, Bono and Keys both appeared on ABC's Good Morning America programme. A portion of that video is available online. Bono and Keys were also part of a big live panel discussion in Washington, DC that aired on CNN and was streamed online. It's more than two hours long, but you can watch it on YouTube, or embedded below:

After that panel event, Bono did about a 10-minute live interview on CNN. Here's that video:

He also appeared on Thursday's Ellen show with host Ellen Degeneres -- Sherry Lawrence already wrote about that and shared a video clip from it on our blog. And he did a short interview with NBC's Brian Williams for the network's national news. You can also watch that online.

Lastly, and we don't exactly know when this happened, but Bono did an interview with TIME magazine for its new/current issue. TIME posted the audio from that interview on its website on Thursday.

And, as best we can tell, that's the full recap of Bono's 2011 World Tour!

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