An Insider’s Account of U2 Last Friday in NYC

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You might recall the name Jaime K. Scatena. He was one of the people sharing photos last Friday in New York City as U2 did an acoustic version of "Sunday Bloody Sunday" on the roof of Electric Lady Studios, and later -- when it was just Bono and The Edge -- doing the same song again at a private event in the city.

Jaime -- who's working with the InsideOut art project folks -- has posted a full account of how the day went down from his perspective. It began with a call from InsideOut founder JR to get to the studios, where he helped post some of the artwork that appears behind U2 as they did the rooftop performance. It goes on to cover that and then all of the events at the InsideOut studio where Bono and Edge sang alone.

Some things that Jaime clears up along the way:

  • U2 was recording "Sunday Bloody Sunday" for some kind of Iran-related documentary, not for an InsideOut project.
  • Bono called JR asking if InsideOut had any Iran-related artwork they could use for the video shoot.
  • Bono and Edge sang "Sunday Bloody Sunday" at the party in lieu of the tradition where party guests bring a book or drawing to share.

Jaime has also included a couple of his videos from Friday's events, so don't miss his story.

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